Sitemap - 2023 - Leah’s ProducTea

Leah's Leadership Guide - Part 1: Storytelling

47: Jeff Gothelf - Exploring OKRs, Humility, and the Real Value of Innovation in Business

The upcoming 2024 bloodbath in SaaS

46: Melissa Kwan - Bootstrap vs VC, Mastering the startup game

How to ace important meetings

45: Chris Tottman & Richard Blundell - focussing your business to success while dreaming big

The "15% + 1 level" rule for creating buy-in and moving immovable things

3,000$/h - from free value to my insane hourly rates

44: Casey Winters - Thinking about your leadership career like a long term investor

Tech Debt is an investment, not a burden

43: John Cutler - Everything wrong with everything in a business

Impostor syndrome in B2B, writing in public

42: Jason Fried - Finding yourself in business

Why Hubspot acquired Clearbit - buying defensibility in AI markets

We work with the growth we find, not the growth we forecasted

The new kid on the Block: Interactive Demos

41: Adam Fishman - How to get the yearly planning frustration under control

40: Andrew Davies - Monetization & Growth for PLG from the CMO at Paddle

Freemium, Trial, Interactive Demo or... Gary the sales guy?

Freebie Fiasco: Why Freemium Might Wreck Your Revenue

The silent sales force: word of mouth

39: Brian Donohue - How to handle the untameable beast of AI products at Intercom

How reaching $16k Substack ARR +40k LinkedIn followers in a year made it easy to pull the trigger and go full solopreneur

My top 5 lessons for hiring without tiring.

38: Mike Pilawski - Overcoming your doubts through first principle thinking

When product falls under the (Air)table

Leah's Product Market Fit Guide 2.0

37: Carilu Dietrich - How to think in hypergrowth environments

Leah's Weekend Reads - around false perceptions

36: David Yockelson - How to get plg RIGHT in B2B

When customers care about quality but just not yet.

35: Lloyed Lobo - Grassroots to (growth) Greatness

The product-led scaling shift

When B2C PLG companies struggle to sell to B2B: Trust is gained different in B2B

Leah's Weekend Reads - around false perceptions

34: Benjamin Lamson - Selling things through a product lens and Jobs-to-be-done.

PLG in B2B - Learn with me -> Learnings from 2 cohorts & Live recording from Turingfest

33: Alexa Grabell - VC backed accidental Product-led realities

Why B2B struggles with PLG

When noone takes risks and you wonder why...

S2E20: Leah & Shanee Ben-Zur - How to Senior Growth Leadership

A free recording of my course "Product-led Growth in B2B SaaS"

The nefarious loss of business urgency

I'm going full-time advising.

S2E19: Leah & Dave Kellogg - EIR Balderton Capital, consultant/advisor, author of Kellblog

What growth model should we have at our stage?

How do you visualize the impact of a feature?

Can you, or *should* you do product-led growth / sales?

S2E18: Leah & Gaurav Vohra - How to be a Growth Superhuman

Ford CEO: Why Tesla's strategy is so far ahead - When companies are boiling and don't notice it

Threads is a huge Growth Hack that works.

Cloak and Dagger lay-offs and the stabbing of the PM role

It's all about distribution very soon and you better understand why.

S2E17: Leah & Elena Verna - How to Solopreneur

Siloed responsibilities and pricing pages

S2E16: Leah & Kieran Flanagan - CMO@Zapier | ex-SVP Marketing Hubspot | Sequoia Scout | Advisor

Social Media Gossip in Product & Reality

Inverse Altitude Depth Mapping for Churn

S2E16: Leah & Teresa Torres & Hope Gurion - Moving orgs and teams from output to outcome

The best of the ProducTea with Leah

S2E15: Leah & Ravi Mehta - Co-Founder Outpace, Ex-EIR Reforge, CPO Tinder, Product Facebook, Tripadvisor, Xbox

Good "Free to Paid" Metrics for B2C / B2B / Enterprise

7 people Investment lessons I believe in

Becoming a leader - and getting paid for it

Leah's Business Case Guide V1

S2E14: Leah & Sam Richard - Head of Growth ngrok - Self-Service and PLG Leader

Leah's curated knowledge database V2

S2E13: Leah & Patrick Campbell - CSO Paddle, Founder Profitwell -

PLG Community on Discord open

Discord Community

Loom's Flywheel explained

Never prioritize your company over yourself.

Normalize Individual contributor Leadership

Stay ahead in ProductManagement with my new substack and cohort

Tech Debt is an Investment, not a burden. AI changes it for Product

Leah's PLG Cohorts

The PLG for Sales-Led Guide

S2E12: Leah & Adam Fishman - Interim Exec, EIR @ Reforge - Useless Metrics in practice

AI forces scaleups back into startup mode

Why product-led growth doesn't come after product market fit

S2E11: Leah & Tanja Lau/ Founder Product Academy & Angel Investor

Why "Alignment" makes and breaks great Leaders

S2E10: Leah & Gagan Biyani/ Founder Maven / Udemy - How Learning changed

Forming Habits & Word of Mouth

Red Queen company death

S2E9: Leah & Petra Wille / Leadership coach

Tear down your product & AMA with Leah

Is Product-led Growth for you? (Free Cohort Material and Announcement)

Season 2: Leah & Elena REMASTERED Part 2: Product led Growth/Sales

Reflections from selling a startup after 7 years

Five non obvious skills for product managers in 2023 to know

Season 2: Leah & Elena REMASTERED Part 1: The personal side

Product Management in ML /AI companies

Work with me

Growth. It's here and it's going to stay

Season 2 PLG - Episode 8: Leah & April Dunford

Objective customer Value in Sales

Flexible 3-month OKR planning for insane markets

Dear Leah #3: "I'm stressed and burned out despite doing well. I fear for my job"

Season 2 PLG - Episode 7: Leah & Yuriy Timen

Product-led Growth and the Sales-led reality

Season 2 PLG - Episode 6: Leah & Blake Bartlett

Leah's Product-led Growth Guide 3.0

The Power of Training Language Models on Internal Data

Dear Leah #2: Differentiating yourself as a candidate

Dear Leah #1: Getting buy-in for product changes

Season 2 PLG - Episode 5: Leah & Ben Williams

"Agile", you are not good enough anymore

How to predict Innovation

The pain of shifting to scaling

Product-led Sales -> How to "find" good features

"Growth" - a 3 dimensional word salad

Season 2 PLG - Episode 4: Leah & Kyle Poyar

Season 2 PLG - Episode 3: Leah & Wes Bush

The learning triangle

Season 2 PLG - Episode 2: Leah & Dave Boyce

The culture problem in Tech that causes layoffs

Season 2 PLG - Episode 1: Leah & Elena

Spilling the Tea on PLG and PMF: #1

The best resources on product wisdom

Leah's curated knowledge database

The "Productea with Leah" Podcast

Guides & Talks & Events

Leah's Growth and Organizational Guide

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