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The Season 2 Line up for “ProducTea with Leah”
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Spilling the Tea on the product, business, and the reality of senior leadership in tech.

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Season 2 - Product-led & Growth:

Leah’s ProducTea
Season 2 PLG - Episode 1: Leah & Elena
Season 2 is all about product-led growth! And we kick it off with a banger! Elena Verna and I are talking about the insecurity side of content production in a broader scope and package everything inside of "Product-led Growth". Plus memes and trends in the industry :D It turned out to be an episode that I treasur…
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Leah’s ProducTea
Season 2 PLG - Episode 2: Leah & Dave Boyce
Season 2 is all about product-led growth! Dave Boyce started to talk to me about meatloaf. The logical follow-up to this topic is of course that he is a board member at Forrester. And a great human to be and spend time with. He advocated for PLG through Winning by Design, an am…
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Leah’s ProducTea
Season 2 PLG - Episode 3: Leah & Wes Bush
Season 2 is all about product-led growth! Wes Bush joined me to talk about everything product-led. Wes specialized in advising companies on product-led growth through his courses and successful book. He’s a fun, authentic person to be around and I loved every minute we spent together…
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Leah’s ProducTea
Season 2 PLG - Episode 4: Leah & Kyle Poyar
Season 2 is all about product-led growth! Kyle Poyar(Kyle Poyar’s Growth Unhinged) joined me on the ProductTea to talk about anything that makes businesses and VCs tick. I love this conversation for the simplicity of how Investors make decisions and what the future of our industry might very well look like. You should leave this podcast once you listened to it wi…
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Leah’s ProducTea
Season 2 PLG - Episode 5: Leah & Ben
Season 2 is all about product-led growth! Ben Williams is a friend and an amazingly structured advisor in the product-led growth space. If you have ever wondered specifically how we structure our work, either as someone that looks into advising themselves or as a company that wonders how then this episode is for…
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Leah’s ProducTea
Season 2 PLG - Episode 6: Leah & Blake Bartlett
Season 2, product-led growth! Another banger! Blake Bartlett is the man who’s at fault for all of this mess. He coined the term product-led growth and is a social media magician when it comes to bringing product-led growth knowledge to the hungry tech masses…
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Season 1:

1: John Cutler, Product-led Growth, crazy stories from the inside

  • John Cutler, product evangelist at Amplitude, and a class-A super mensch. Every time we talk there's something weird and beautiful coming out of it. 🙌

2: Matt Greenberg, on how to be a great Leader in tech, no filter no bullshit.

  • Matt Greenberg, CTO (actually CTPDDO) of Reforge. A candid account of how we are all human, what's exciting about our jobs, and the future of work.

3: Laura Erdem, an introduction to Attribution

  • Laura Erdem - The queen of B2B revenue attribution at Dreamdata, total mastermind when it comes to social media and selling. And a fantastic human being <3

4: Adam Fishman, How to not lose your humor and kick ass in Growth

- Adam Fishman - Reforge Partner, Exec in residence, former Lyft growth wizard, and former VP of Product at Patreon. To list all his advisory and investment positions I need a second LinkedIn subscription. His growth experience paired with a clear articulation of what's going on makes him very easy to listen to. And you should too.

5: Matthew Skelton - Why only the best organizations are worth building and how

  • Matthew Skelton - Director at Conflux, Co-Author of "Team Topologies" the tech organization bible. He helped countless teams not to burn their talent in bad structures. Mine included.

6: Jennifer Montague - What it means and takes to be a great VP Growth

  • Jennifer Montague - She calls herself a business-driven marketer. VP Growth at Onomondo. Says it like it is and is rescuing marketing into growth where it belongs. Her content is actionable, well-founded, and awesome.

7: Scott Brinker, on AI, Marketing at Scale and what to expect in the future

  • Scott Brinker - VP Platform ecosystems of HubSpot - the Martech man. I don't know anyone that posts so many insights about Martech which he finds himself. For some reason, he must be in love with his job. And we're here for it. I talk with Scott about AI, Marketing at scale, and my favorite topic: why MQLs suck.

8: Tim Geisenheimer, on how to know when to pull the trigger in Sales by qualifying. Product-led Sales

  • Tim Geisenheimer - CEO & Founder Correlated. I talk with Tim about everything related to product-led sales.
    Specifics on what PQAs / PQLs can do for you and how to qualify your accounts the right way.
    If you are working product, are interested in product-led growth, or toy with the idea to bring in product-led sales, this episode is for you

09: David Pereira, on the BS in product management. “Untrapping Produc Teams”

David Pereira on when product management goes wrong and it's better to be called bullshit management. When things get overcomplicated practical advice is needed and egos are hurt. In the end, it's about delivering value for the users. David has a talent of getting to the level where agile is a framework that belongs to the past. He talks about Strategy, decision making and how to deal with prioritization.