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my name is Leah. I’ve been in tech for over 2 decades. I founded 4 startups and crashed two of those into the wall in a spectacular fashion.

I’m the Head of Product at (End-to-end Machine Learning in Weather) and lead the core product at Smallpdf scaling to over 50 million monthly active users per month in 3 years.

I specialize in product-led growth in B2B and share my experiences with no frills, actionable and operationalizable.

Work with me

Consulting / Advisory

I do advisory for companies in a limited fashion on monthly retainers (4h per month per client). If you are a B2B business with at least 15mio and less than 100mio ARR reach out to me on LinkedIn - I’m happy to chat.

Public Speaking

If you have a podcast, want me on a webinar, or have bigger events reach out on LinkedIn. Due to the recent increase in demand for conferences please only reach out if you compensate your speakers for their time and travel expenses.

I make exceptions on a case-by-case basis for instance for social causes and charity.

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Leah Tharin
Product-led Growth / Sales, Growth, and Org scaling without the bs.