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my name is Leah.

Every so often, I sit down to focus on a specific topic and compile all the insights I've gathered from my two decades in product and growth senior leadership, entrepreneur, and serial founder as well as from advising dozens of companies on scaling and growth.

I break down complex topics in the form of articles, my podcast, and guides which have been read by over 100,000 people, and one has even become part of a University curriculum.

I specialize in product-led growth / product-led sales in B2B / Sales-led scale-ups and share my experiences with no-frills, actionable, and operationalizable.


Drop me a note with your problem and I let you know whether I can be part of a solution:


Sponsoring, Mediakit:

Scale-up and growth advising

Weekly coaching sessions on retainer. Please contact me for further details, references, and availability

Pricing: $ 12,000 USD / Month (Weekly calls, >50% cash component)

Board Positions

I’m open to discussing board positions in scaleups past Series B.


Want to sponsor the Productea With Leah? Substack or Podcast sponsoring is available, media kit and inquiries:

Private advising session:

Have a burning emergency and want to talk to me ASAP? Try this: (1 off convo)

Book a 30 minute emergency 1-on-1 conversation 450$

Executive Coaching

Paused. I can refer you to people I would recommend in a heartbeat.


Full-time, time-limited as VP / Head of Growth / Product, CPO / CGO

Inquiries about short-term engagements to

PLG / PLS Workshop

Custom PLG or PLS Workshop based on the material of my PLG cohorts internally: (Great for experienced operational teams, and senior leaders), Remote or in person

Pricing Remote: Half day USD 8,000$ / Full day USD 16,000$

In person and more info: ask for my workshop kit:

Public Speaking / Podcasts

If you have a podcast, webinar, or have bigger events reach out to for inquiries