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Jan 9, 2023
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1. Guides

How to build a strategy (Youtube)

This 7-part youtube mini-series on Strategy will get you started on how to create a strategy from the ground up.

2. Upcoming Events

Join me Melissa Perri, Tami Reiss, and other amazing speakers for productized 2023 in Lisbon, Portugal

3. Podcast appearances

Some of my treasured talks and recordings

ProductTea with Leah

Listen to it on Youtube
listen-on-spotify -

My Podcast is where I spill the tea on Product, business, product organizations, and the pain of scaling in SaaS Tech with heavy hitters from the industry.


Is product-led growth for you - One Knight in product

100 Product Strategies - PLG Strategy creation and differentiation

Product-Led Growth Introduction on the Product Quest

How I grew to 15’000 followers on Linkedin

Product-led Growth and Marketing

Cutting through the noise and busting product myths

How to lead great Product Teams

Surviving Puberty as a scale-up

4. My curated Knowledge Database

This free notion database features a curated list of every resource I think is valuable when it comes to business, product, growth, leadership, scaling…. everything.