Nice article, I agree with everything here in concept, but, a few essential comments:

1) The examples are all missing a description of the product and it’s PMF. I’d write them in ascending order to SHOW you understand PMF. For example, level one could be “my product is called X,” level two is “my product X makes task Y faster” and level three is “my product X solves unique customer pain Z and makes tasks Y faster.” Something like that.

2) You’re missing key numbers. Lead gen growth is ok, maybe level one. Sales growth is even better, maybe level two (e.g., 74% CAGR over three years). And profitability could be level 3.

And by the way, add actual numbers. That gives me a sense of scale, which is critical. That is, 1000% growth could be amazing, but it that was 10 to 1,000 leads a year, not so much. 10,000 to 100,000 -- that’s better.

3) You helped 3 sales people? That’s odd. Over three years you should have helped 300. Or all of them. Why so few?? Did you only have 3?

Again, the thought here is spot on! But those are important adds.

And one more point: great, concise writing is essential, but if you’re going to advocate this, you better fix your own spelling mistakes (e.g., Sales is not capitalized and I think I saw 3 or so).

But generally, great thought and nice graphic.

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